Евгения Феофилактова снимается в новом блокбастере Ex-participant of “House-2” will play the role of antiheroine. The premiere of the film “Egor Shilov” with Eugenia Feofilaktovoy will take place this summer.

      Евгения Феофилактова снимается в новом блокбастере

      One of the most prominent member of “House-2”, now former, Eugene Feofilaktova never hid that would like to become an actress. And like a dream of beauty starts to come true. Eugene was offered a role in the action movie “Yegor Shilov”, shooting of which is going on these days in Cheboksary at the Studio “Cowesfield”. As they say the creators of the tape, it will be the first Chuvash blockbuster.

      The main part of the story already filmed, but its authors decided that the film simply must be expanded by complementing it with episodes featuring the stars of Russian show business. And then on the role in the action were invited actress adult movies Katya Sambuca, rapper Guf, Zhigan Roma and ex-participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova. Participation in the Jack project was reported in the microblog. However, in the details of filming in Cheboksary Feofilaktova declined to go, posting only photos from the set. By the way, in Cheboksary beauty came not alone but in the company of her husband Anton Gusev, who accompanies his beloved wife.

      News about the participation Feofilaktovoy in the action gave rise to many conjectures. Detractors immediately began to ascribe her participation in sex scenes, which reportedly refused another actress. Wanting to dispel all the rumors, the young woman talked about her role in “Whitney Shilovo”.

      Евгения Феофилактова снимается в новом блокбастере

      “God, how many rumours have you read about my shooting, wrote Eugene Feofilaktova in the microblog. Friends, I have a wonderful role, no nudity, vulgarity and kisses. You’ll love it, I’m a killer”.

      Reportedly, the former participant “Houses-2” in the film plays the role of antiheroine. In the story, Feofilaktovoy have to substitute a different character. This is the debut of Eugenia in movie, in the feature film star she had ever, and of course, the star of reality show with all the responsibility belongs to trusted her work. To evaluate the acting talent of Eugenia Feofilaktovoy her fans, according to some, will be able this coming summer. It is planned that in this time of year blockbuster “Egor Shilov” will be shown in Russian cinemas. It is obvious that on the premiere of the movie fans Feofilaktovoy, as with all important events which occur in the life of a star, learn from its microblog.

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