Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» The actor told “StarHit” about a young wife, younger children and the feeling of age. Today, 12 March, Sergey Selin celebrates its 55th anniversary.

      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!»

      Known for her role as “COP”-police Dukalis actor Sergey Selin today celebrates its 55th anniversary. “StarHit” phoned up the actor who is currently on vacation in Sochi, and asked him about the family, the younger children and learned about the future plans of the actor.

      Sergei Andreevich, in recent months we tried several times to contact you, but you are vacationing in Tenerife, then in Bulgaria and now in Sochi. You go there for work or it is the urge to travel?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» 20 years of continuous work two or three shifts is very hard. We have in the contract is 13-hour work day. During these years, I still gained what I wanted to earn some freedom, some independence from fees, from invitations. Today I have a business, a business that supports me and I have enough so I can go to the Canary Islands for a long time, to show children the world. Although, of course, I want more. To me it is very important to be with family is interesting when you start to play with children, watch them grow before your eyes, because when you grew up Prokhor (the son from his first marriage, who is now 28. – Approx. Ed.), I was always working. But now I see, I hear them talking, they recently started to learn Spanish. We visited Tenerife, a trip to Suzdal, in Vladimir were a lot of impressions, I was not there. Little doubt on account of the remake, but once we saw the history of our state. In the summer we are going to Bulgaria, we like it very much: swimming pool, children’s stores, sea. I will go with the family, and when will work, will fly back. —
      These days you are celebrating the “beautiful” date – 55. Do you feel yourself at this age?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» It’s just a number, and I travel a lot, I have small children, a young wife and I believe that I have yet to come. May even be other children! I have to live at least another 40 years to see grandchildren. Eldest son, 28 years old, and, guessing now, but I want my little ones were also children.
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!»
      Where is your eldest son Prokhor?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» He works in the military-industrial complex, serious young man. —
      There are rumors that you were asked to write a book, is it true?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» The fact is that when we were asked to write, there was no information about it. There are some stories, interesting observations, notes, but I don’t want to do this, because if you can not write – do not write. It’s just not my thing, although I have something to say. Now we will go with children in children’s town, and before that we were on the track “Formula 1” in Sochi. I like this.—
      Often on the streets of the actors called by the name of the characters they played. You probably called “Dukalis”. Does not offend?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» Not anymore, do not call. Now all the phones that allow you to score quickly and find out all about a person, so come to me and say: “Sergey Andreevich”. Already five years ago are no longer called “Dukalis”. Although yesterday one girl asked for my dad, who works in the police, to sign a “Dukalis”. I think I finally got out from under one role. Perhaps because then there was the role in the TV series “Brothers”, other acting work. —
      In one interview you said that you have no friends, and only friends. Still adhere to that view?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» I was wrong, now believe that there are still some school friends, there is Vitya Melikhov, Alexey Nilov (the colleague on “cops” TV series. – Approx. “StarHit”). Just sometimes there comes a melancholy of some sort, I think no one needs you that you are alone, forgotten, abandoned. Although yesterday, when walking with children on the Sochi-Park, was photographed hundreds of times – with moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers. I will never give up. And my children are following this approach and smile: “Dad we have such popular.”
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!»
      Soon starts a new TV-project “Knights of the roads”, where you will be the first time the world’s leading…
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» Yeah, I’ve never been a lead, this TV program for the channel “Che”. In our program there is a positive moment, because it’s not a tragedy, theft and evil, and good roads, we want to show – even in our severe century, the people still have compassion, have compassion, mutual aid. The experience I have, of course, is not enough, but will purchase. Although the prior videos we rented, and the channel liked. —
      Program, it turns out, about cars and you consider yourself a car enthusiast?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» I have eight years of “Mitsubishi Pajero”, and I’m not going to change it, I like it. The only thing she eats large amount of gasoline, though I’m not actively commute, but still – 26 liters per 100 kilometers, it very much. The car does not want to change, the wife is not going to change, their Homeland, their habits do not want to change. —
      Recently, your colleagues on the series, Alexander Polovtsev was the father congratulated him?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» Believe it or not, I’m so glad for him, he’s so good! And his wife know. Sasha, in my opinion, a very good man and great artist, and contact. I am very happy! We had good relationships. Anyway, I periodically meet with Alexei Nilov, Yuri Kuznetsov. We have no such that we are dazzled and offended with the rest of your life – it’s okay, but communicate.—
      To be honest, I, and many viewers are already confused about “the Cops”, in “Lights”. Especially for the New year were again repeated.
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» Like, “Bros” went, I didn’t see, but I called and spoke. With “Cops” is already finished all, but now there is a proposal to make the project “Streets of broken lights. 20 years later”. Yuri Kuznetsov is not “against”, and with Alexei Nilov recently talked, he, too. I don’t know, it will be interesting or not – all are over fifty, though now a large number of crime series goes. I think it is necessary not only for us but for the audience. If this happens, I will not refuse, take off of the continuation of various cult films, such as “Twist of fate”. Moreover, stories about the police don’t have the time detective stories eternal.
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!»
      During the interview you mentioned a few times about the kids… What are they doing now? What talents about myself?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» Masha draws and we think we need to do this, and A.V. makarchik, N. so active with us, I think we should get him in hockey, he has all the makings. —
      How do you keep fit?
      Сергей Селин: «Мне надо прожить еще минимум 40 лет!» I go to the pool, visit the gym, but the best option – less look in the fridge and move more, so I have over the past 20-25 years, I try to weight is not greatly varied. Yes, there are times when I type but I know how to work out to lose weight.

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