Сын Никаса Сафронова о смертельном ДТП: "Я чувствую свою вину и готов понести ответственность" Pianist Luka Zatravkin, brought down to death the elderly woman in the night of Saturday, feels confused and depressed about what happened. He is ready to provide any assistance to the relatives of the dead and be held accountable for the accident.

      Сын Никаса Сафронова о смертельном ДТП: "Я чувствую свою вину и готов понести ответственность"

      On the evening of 11 March in Moscow the car made arrival on the pensioner, who died on the scene from his injuries. As reported in the media, behind the wheel of the car was Luka Zatravkin, the 25-year-old pianist, son of the honored artist of Russia Nikas Safronov.

      “I feel guilty, – has told “StarHit” Luka Zatravkin. And ready to face all the responsibility. I am also ready to help the relatives of this woman, I am very worried because of what happened. I now really really hard”.

      In addition, Zatravkin, who is now in a state of shock, admitted that his actions were malicious motives. He called the police on the scene, he went for a medical examination.

      The young man also shared with “Stricom” the details of the incident. That was last night. He was returning from his mom in the car. Observing the rules of portly movement, Luke went through on a green light for drivers, but after a short time noticed that triggered something or someone of the left wing. Got out of the car. It turned out that an elderly woman crossing at the time the street diagonally, came under the wheels of a vehicle Zatravkin.

      Zatravkin also commented unfolded in the media noise around this story, especially the constant reference to some publications of the brand of his car. “Now many began to write that I supposedly belong to the “Golden youth” and can not afford much, says Luke. – But it’s not. I bought my car myself. This is my car and my responsibility.”

      It is also worth noting that whoever we’re following Luke Zatravkin, know that he is not indifferent to people and does not belong to the category of “majors” who spend money their parents. It is called not only “the second Rachmaninoff”, but also a very religious man. Luka Zatravkin also not indifferent to the charity in the years he has given concerts to help children with heart disease or in memory of victims of terrorist attacks.

      Career Zatravkin – the result of his long work. With five years, Luke studied music, constantly improving their skills. Being a six year old, Luke, has already been successfully performed in Hannover at the competition to the memory of Shostakovich. For all of his career has participated in thousands of concerts and became a laureate of the sixteen competitions around the world – in the UK, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia. Luke still has the title of honorary Professor of the Swiss Conservatory.

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