Eugene Feofilaktova chooses wedding dress

Евгения Феофилактова выбирает свадебное платье Former star of the TV project “Dom-2” surprised his fans with the unexpected. A young woman posted a photo in which appeared before the fans in a wedding gown. Some decided that Feofilaktova is preparing once again to become a wife.

      In late autumn last year, Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev has reported the disorder in the family. The couple said they decided to divorce. Since fans never cease to follow the life of former spouses. In a conversation with “StarHit” Eugene has admitted that he is not going to get into another relationship and get married. However, in its latest snapshot on Instagram, a young woman much puzzled fans. They expressed the view that the star deliberately trying on wedding dresses, because will soon go down the aisle with new lover.

      Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

      To the dismay of many followers, Feofilaktova denied all the speculation users. Note that she did not disclose the true reason decided to go to a Bridal shop. It is likely that the celebrity is simply planning to participate in the next campaign. For anybody not a secret that after her divorce from Gusev, the woman spends the work and does not refuse to cooperate with different brands.

      Interestingly, a few days ago Eugene has placed in his microblog frame in a wedding dress, but then the stars caused such an acute reaction. On Prezidiuma photos Feofilaktova left clearly a comment that has led many followers of the woman to think about her plans for the near future. “I wonder will it be still in my life wedding someday? I guess I don’t dare anymore,” wrote the former star of “House-2” on Instagram.

      Eugene Feofilaktova suffers after a breakup with her husband

      Obviously, the woman likes to try on Bridal gowns, but she did not associate it with a potential marriage. The celebrity admits that she has so many fans who, incidentally, presented with her very expensive gifts. However, according to Feofilaktova, NIS one of them she’s not ready to start a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. Meanwhile, fans of remains nothing, except how to bury a woman with compliments. According to most subscribers Feofilaktova such outfits look good on slim figure of a woman.

      “How do you look good in this dress. Ready bride! Think about it”, “Gorgeous dress! I sincerely wish you happiness. And for that we need a good man. You deserve the best”, “the fairy tale Princess. You said that you are not getting married. Changed your mind?! Would love to the way it was”, “I Wonder who would get such an incredible beauty!” – wrote commentators in Instagram Eugenia.

      Fans of Feofilaktova not hide the fact that looking forward to the day when a woman will meet a new partner. Feofilaktova tries not to react to such statements by the commentators. While she wants to do the work and upbringing of his son Daniel.

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      Recall that for several months, the heir to Feofilaktova and Gusev turns spending time with mom and dad. In January she managed to fly to Cyprus with her son, and after some time Anton took the boy to Dubai. By the way, there he went with the new darling – Victoria romanet. Even in late December there were rumors that the lovers meet. All speculation was confirmed when the pair appeared together at the wedding of friends. Now Gusev does not hide that is happy with romanet. They often share with fans candid shots, which accompanies touching declarations of love to the girl. Eugene tries not to speak about a new relationship ex-wife, explaining that at present she cares for absolutely other things.