Евгения Брик отказывается возвращаться в Россию Star of the TV series “Adaptation” confessed why I had to live in the United States. According to Eugenia, she was able to gradually accept the way of life that Americans, but some national features it is still scary.

      Евгения Брик отказывается возвращаться в Россию

      Actress Evgenia Brik, which will appear in a new episode of TNT channel’s “Adaptation”, is able to evaluate the first four series. While other participants of the shooting process was watching the film at the Moscow documentary film Center Zubovsky Boulevard, performer of the main role of the studied material, while in the United States. That’s where she lives with her husband Valeri Todorovski for several years.

      The series revolves around the “Adaptation” of a CIA agent Ashton ivy, which is embedded in the regional division of Gazprom in Noyabrsk to obtain secret information about the latest development of Russian scientists in the field of gas production. However, in addition to the work spy is in Russia nastoyaschuyuyu love.

      Despite the 11-hour time difference, Eugene gladly talked on Skype with journalists. According to Brick, she loved to star in the film Director Fyodor Stukov. The actress said that watched the first series with her husband Valeri Todorovski.

      “I guess it’s impossible to talk about the project in which you yourself participated, but we were delighted. My husband laughed like a baby, which tickled,” said Brick.

      Eugene remembered by the audience for the film “Stilyagi”, which was released in 2008. That’s when the actress first visited the United States. At first she thought to stay there for a few months, but then her plans changed. According to Brick, when she was pregnant, she didn’t want to go back to Russia and the woman decided to give birth abroad. After the birth of my daughter moving home was again delayed. Now Zoe goes to an American school and speaks two languages. When Brick arrives in Russia for work, it sometimes takes a child.

      The actress said that was never able to get used to some features of life in the United States. “Come for the daughter to school, and what kind of mother throws at me with a stream of pleasantries, and answer me it is necessary also to smile broadly and to assure that, well, I’m fine, although the mood may be bad. In Los Angeles, despite the apparent goodwill all around, I can’t relax, be worried that marrying, which are actually. And many things there seem to me unusual – for example, that washing machines are people on the street, at home – walk down the street, and everywhere the smell of freshly laundered linen,” said the actress in a conversation via Skype.

      Other press conference participants are the actors Yury Stoyanov, who played the Colonel in the Russian special services, Leonid Bichevin, Arthur Beschastny, Asya Dubrovskaya, Alexey Bazanov and Alexander Nazarov and the people involved in the production of the series.

      Евгения Брик отказывается возвращаться в Россию