Agata muceniece admires the sex scenes with her husband

Агата Муцениеце восторгается постельными сценами с мужем The actress spoke about the jealous husband, the actor Paul Prilichnom. According to Agatha, it is not peculiar to this feeling. Muceniece told that she, on the contrary, admires the energy of a loved one, which he translates from the screen.

      Recently on TNT ended the show the first season of the Comedy series “Civil marriage” with the participation of Agatha muceniece and Denis Cokoji. The young actors are infantile lovers who test their relationships strength. The plot of this serial movie the main characters are faced with several challenges. Solving them, they make the first steps towards “grown-up” life.

      Agata muceniece: “I know nothing of a civil marriage”

      Of course, the show is not without its sex scenes. Agata muceniece repeatedly told reporters that her husband is constantly jealous of her. After Paul Priluchny watched the first episode of “Civil marriage”, he even offended mate. Agata recently gave an interview in which he told about his attitude to the bed scenes with wife. As it turned out, muceniece is the complete opposite Priluchnogo.

      “I’m not jealous and I think that Pasha is sexual energy, which he carries from the screen. But otherwise, you can fall in love on screen? I don’t mind explicit scenes, that’s our job. And when the Pasha saw the premiere of the series “Civil marriage” said, now just watch the rest of the series to the end,” the actress said.

      In another interview, the actress lamented the “explosive” character of Paul. According to the artist, she might quarrel with her husband for any reason. “We don’t have so that someone expressed their opinion and the other said nothing. We immediately begin to argue. And there burns the flame! Each vehemently proves my point. Pasha maximalist. It’s either black or white, no middle ground,” – said muceniece.

      However, the couple consider themselves happy people and come to reconciliation after a quarrel. The actors are confident about the future and build on the joint plans. Last year, Agatha and Paul celebrated their wooden wedding. “With you, I realized how nice it is to be a family and do something for the happiness of another person! Let our happiness last forever, tomorrow “zaobao” you!” such a touching confession made by muceniece in his microblog.

      According to the actress, they immediately Paul got married and practically lived in a civil marriage. Agatha told reporters that as he proposed to her. It happened after Priluchny returned home from filming in Paris. The actor is imbued with the atmosphere of this city and bought his beloved a diamond ring. Paul did not wait and rushed to please her magnificent gift, reports “Notepad Voronezh”.