Mom Tats Abramson hopes to be forgiven daughter

Мама Таты Абрамсон надеется на прощение дочери Marina Christianovna doing everything to communicate with your own child. The woman believes that after the birth of a baby Tata Abramson will become more friendly and be able to forget all the insults. Now the closest relatives – almost strangers to each other.

      Fans of “House-2” are well aware of the rather strained relations of the reality star Tats Abramson and her mother Marina Testamony. Close relatives feel completely strangers to each other. Woman blames only himself for that missed time when he was especially needed his daughter. But Marina sees this situation the gap with her husband, after which she had to take care of small Tats. She was developing her own business that took her precious time to communicate with the child.

      “And I now understand. And then I, too, Tata did not speak. Remember how you said I can’t, so tired… She pays me now. Naturally, I made a number of mistakes in her education. That seems to be lived together, and couldn’t communicate. And then Tata closed,” says the woman, barely holding back tears.

      Mom Abramson admits he does not know how its excessive employment and a rare heart to heart talk affect the future relationship with the child. When she tried to talk to Tata, the girl got off terse phrases. In order to find out how to live her child, Marina Christianovna sent his driver. The man tried to find out as much as possible, just to give her a General picture of what is happening to her daughter.

      With 11 years of nanny along with her mother lived in Beijing. They moved to the capital of China for the sake of Marina Christianovna could do business. That’s where Abramson received a higher education, but she went to work not on a speciality. From careless words of the mother of the girl went to get a job in a nightclub dancer go-go. Herself Marina Christianovna claims that he did not understand the meaning of the word, but only wanted her daughter to work and earn money.

      Marina Christianovna suggests that after the baby her daughter will be replaced by anger at the mercy. Very soon Tata Abramson will become a mother. It will give his elect Valery Blumenkranz long-awaited baby. Pregnant nanny Abramson suffers abuse by the groom

      “I only hope that her daughter will understand when she will see your child that her attitude towards me warmer. Maybe not immediately, not now, but when the child already will go to school… I will do everything for it. Going to help her any way I can. Just now I business it would be necessary to leave, but I understand if you leave the tattoo could lose her completely. I choose your daughter, it is more important to me,” Marina admitted in an interview with “House-2”.