Engagement in the air: Tatiana Ovsiyenko getting married

Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж In may of this year, the actress once again found happiness. Her choice is Alexander Merkulov finished to serve their sentence in a Moscow jail. Now Tatyana Ovsienko was planning a wedding with the beloved man. Plans for the future the star has shared in the broadcast of “Tonight” Andrey Malakhov.
Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

Incredibly popular in the 90-ies of the singer Tatyana Ovsienko for the last seven years lived a recluse. She waited for his lover Alexandra Merkulova, who almost immediately after they were sentenced to long terms.

About the incredible UPS and downs in his personal and creative life of Tatyana Ovsienko, celebrated in October last year, the 50th anniversary, was discussed in the programme “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov.

Tatiana Ovsienko and her lover are the main characters of this issue.


Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

In the beginning of the program the viewers and Studio guests transported to distant 1991 and saw a fragment of a popular transmission for teenagers “Marathon 15”. In one of the editions of Tatiana Ovsiyenko responsible for writing the young tele-viewers all about unrequited love. Then the singer openly said that she, too, is sometimes difficult to understand their feelings and relationships. She advised the girls not to lose heart.

Tatiana Ovsienko told that this same principle she sticks to in this life. “There are no such troubles, which need to fall into despair. Will only a positive approach. So I get up in the morning and go to the mirror, saying: I’m beautiful in the morning, my fifty years!”

Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

Many years ago, the singer put an end to his personal life, after separating from her husband Vladimir. “I knew that I have a son Igor. 18 years together with Vova we went with all the difficulties and joys that can only happen between husband and wife. And then I said to myself that this marriage was the last,” said Tatyana Ovsienko.

But the singer still fell so that they were ready to sell the apartment in Moscow in order to help his elect Alexander Merkulov.

The fiancé of Tatiana Ovsienko risks once again to be behind bars.

“I realized that I’m the only one around. What I need to help. But it was a great folly on my part – where I am and where prison – continues Tatiana Ovsienko. – This emotion was. From Sasha I hid how much I sold. During one of his visits he told me that I didn’t do a single step more. Should work for the lawyers.”
Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

The program showed the interview of the beloved Tatyana Ovsienko. Alexander Merkulov said that the singer was married. But the family kept him.

Fiance Tatyana Ovsienko has ruled.

“My arrest was a shock for Tanya – said the man. But she showed me so much support and gave the kind of faith that saved me. To be in isolation is easier when you know what you waiting for”.
Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

A friend of Tatiana Ovsienko Julia recalled a difficult period in the life of the singer. All while her boyfriend was serving a sentence, the star led a very sheltered life.

Alexander Merkulov – man, which so much suffering has rendered popular the singer also came into the Studio. Tatiana Ovsienko told that they only lapped each other.

Since the release of Alexander a little over a month. “Correspondence and Dating is one thing, but a life together is another,” said the singer.

Tatyana Ovsienko has made it clear that he would like to marry your loved one. After these words, Alexander Merkulov rose from his seat, went backstage and returned with a huge basket of flowers. Handing Tatiana the incredible size of the bouquet, he asked the singer to marry him and put on her nameless finger ring. The Studio received a standing ovation and enthusiastically shouted “Kiss!”

Tatiana Ovsiyenko: “Sasha offers to find us a surrogate”.

Friends of the couple were quick to congratulate them with the upcoming event. In the Studio talked about the fact that Alexander was incredibly lucky with the chosen one. Tatiana – a man of rare kindness and spiritual qualities.

Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

The breadth of the soul of the artist and prove her relation to her son Igor. As you know, now a young adult, adopted child stars.

Many years ago Tatiana saw George in one of the orphanages in Penza region. Then Igor was a little more than two years, he suffered from heart disease. Ovsienko could not remain indifferent to the fate of a little boy she found in Moscow a good surgeon and agreed to surgery. All went well.

“Then I thought, what a Children’s home to determine it. And then thought – why? She called her husband, saying: “we’re having a baby”. So, Igor came into our family,” says the singer

Igor, who lives in America, six years ago did Tatiana Ovsienko grandmother giving her grandchild. The young man got in touch with the Studio “Tonight.” He enthusiastically reacted to the news of the impending marriage mom. “I’m glad it finally happened!” said the son of the singer.

Помолвка в эфире: Татьяна Овсиенко выходит замуж

Then in the program remembered the time when Tatyana Ovsienko was one of the singers of the group “Mirage”. Spoke of her brilliant solo career as part of the team. About his love for the singer spoke and Margarita Suhankina.

Well, after once again talking about the singer’s life, which she leads out of the scene. Tatiana Ovsienko known for their devotion to special children. The transfer showed a story about the visit of the singer Children’s home for deaf-blind children in Sergiev Posad.

The guys made a singer for a concert, having conquered it with his mastery. Tatiana Ovsienko with pleasure communicated with children, she hugged each of them. It looked incredibly touching.

“She is a true friend, is a person who will never betray”, – said Tatiana nun Euphrosyne, who came to the Studio to congratulate the singer because she waited for a loved one.

Few people know, but Tatyana Ovsienko has two medals “For peacekeeping activities in Kosovo” and “For military valour”.

Came to the Studio party fighting Igor Ershov. He presented to the singer a bouquet of flowers. For Tatiana, his visit was a big surprise.

As it turned out, 15 years ago, in February Ovsienko was in Chechnya and gave a concert before the military. “Little, puny girl sang for us in the dress when the temperature is plus five degrees,” said the man. He also congratulated Tatyana with the upcoming wedding day.

In the final programme in the Studio appeared the singer Viktor Saltykov. “Tanya, congratulations! You waited so long for this, – said the artist. – I bow to you.”

Then Tatiana and Victor came up on stage and the applause of the audience in the Studio, the Duo performed their hit “beach love”.