Эммануил Виторган встал на защиту беременной Ксении Собчак A famous actor believes that the lead changed negative opinions about children. In the words of Emmanuel Vitorgan, Kseniya is now ready for the birth of the baby. The father of the husband Sobchak is looking forward to a grandchild.

      Эммануил Виторган встал на защиту беременной Ксении Собчак

      Yesterday in St. Petersburg hosted a master class on painting porcelain, dedicated to the 272 th anniversary of the Imperial porcelain factory. The event was attended by many Russian celebrities who learned to paint on plates, mugs and teapots, under the guidance of artists. All creatures of the stars will be sold, and the funds will go to the charity Foundation for children.

      Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan could not miss this event. According to the presenter, she loves to draw, so learning about this event, I immediately decided that is obliged to attend. The parents met at the master class with Emanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik. Journalists managed to talk with well-known figures of cinema and to question him about the upcoming addition to the family.

      “I don’t know the sex of the unborn grandchild. This information they kept secret. They are generally quite hidden,” said Emmanuel gedeonovich.
      Эммануил Виторган встал на защиту беременной Ксении Собчак

      Earlier, the mother of Ksenia Sobchak and Lyudmila Narusova told “StarHit” that a young family does not tell her about who will be born. However, the woman noted that her daughter is ripe for the birth of children. Future grandpa Vitorgan shared her point of view. The path to motherhood: how Ksenia Sobchak is preparing for the lead role

      For Xenia it’s time to have children. Let the past, she said that children is the last thing she will have, but now her opinion has changed. We all grow up. It will be a very good mother”, shared Emmanuel with the journalists of “7 days”.

      As claimed by other guests, she shone with happiness, and carefully painted the kettle. The expectant mother turned a geometric pattern in dark blue tones. By the way, Sobchak has changed dramatically during pregnancy. The woman began to look much happier and, according to her fans, has blossomed. Leading completely changed their views about children. Previously Ksenia is not just unflattering, spoke about the kids, and also claimed that he did not know why she needs them. “I’m afraid that the kids will change. I don’t understand why I need these changes. When people get bored when they are in need of more love and tenderness, they want kids,” admitted Sobchak few years ago.