Dmitri Hvorostovsky has admitted that he was unhappy in the marriage

Дмитрий Хворостовский признался, что был несчастлив в браке Legendary Opera singer decided to take a desperate step, although the family was against it. Dmitri Hvorostovsky does not hide that he had to make a choice between your own happiness and sacrificing yourself for the sake of the children.

      Дмитрий Хворостовский признался, что был несчастлив в браке

      At the recent Sochi “New wave” Dmitri Hvorostovsky made the audience cry with delight. Despite the struggle with a serious illness – an Opera singer diagnosed with brain cancer – the actor looked fresh and fit. Behind the scenes on tenor, not for a minute did not depart his beloved wife Florence.

      Ex-wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky died from sepsis

      Dmitry and his fiancee together more than fifteen years. The couple are raising two children. In addition, Hvorostovsky is still a son and a daughter from his first marriage, with whom he also is in warm relations. Speaking about the current spouse, Dmitry admits that the previous marriage was not as happy as her. Family life singer lasted eight years and ended in 1999.

      “This is my second marriage. At first I was very unhappy. When Florence came into my life, I completely changed. Have learned to laugh, love people, changed my work. I went to the mountain,” explained the artist.

      In recognition of the legendary artist, after meeting with Florence he began different look on many things. He opened his great joy in everything – in art, languages, travels. Still, he believes that love is hard work. According to him, one pair receives and the other gives up, and it is best to alternate between these combinations. Family relationships had a beneficial impact on the communication of the artist with the audience, although at one time Hvorostovsky had to make a difficult choice between your own happiness and sacrificing yourself for the sake of the children.

      Dmitri Hvorostovsky made a statement to fans

      “I was originally like distanced from the viewer, avoided any special contact with him, which developed a cynical attitude to the public. A met Flo, I turned everything in my life turned on its head. Although the family was against it… My ex-wife protested. We have common children. Unfortunately or fortunately, but for the sake of the children often have to sacrifice something. Here before me stood a choice: either to sacrifice himself for the sake of the children and be miserable, or choose your own happiness. I chose the second option. But I still think I made the right step, it was for the best,” shared the Hvorostovsky in interview to the portal “Woman’s day”.