Юрий Лоза мучается из-за Ивана Краско и его молодой жены The author of the hit “the Raft” is not an answer to your questions. Yuri Loza was sympathetic to marriage 85-year-old Ivan Krasko and his 25-year-old wife Natalia. However, he can’t understand how people’s artist refers to the family of his beloved.

      Юрий Лоза мучается из-за Ивана Краско и его молодой жены

      The author and performer of the smash hit “the Raft” was unable to avoid striking and discussed the Union of people’s artist Ivan Krasko with a student Natalia Shevel. The age difference between spouses, which a year ago officially married in Saint-Petersburg, no less than 60 years.

      Apparently, Yuri Loza learned from the media about what Ivan is going to go home wives, in the Crimea, to meet her family. Natalia told about family plans in an interview with reporters. Ivan Krasko is still not presented to the mother-in-law

      Anyway, from the head of Yuri Vines do not go questions, to which he finds no answers. The artist shared his thoughts with fans on the social network.

      “The whole year our media relish (sounds interesting, isn’t it) details of marriage to 85-year-old Ivan Krasko with a 25-year-old girl Natasha – wrote Yuri Loza. But I was always tormented by the question — as a young groom needs to contact the bride’s mother, if he is forty years her senior? And to the grandmother of his lady, if she could be his daughter? Here’s a riddle…”

      It is worth noting that the most popular answer followers Vine was the version of “my soul”. Supposedly you can call a person of any age, provided that the author appeals to it is.

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko: “I could marry an oligarch, but didn’t want to change myself”

      I wonder what Yuri Loza wanted to avoid accusations of meddling in the lives of the people. The contractor hastened to justify and to address spouses Krasko best wishes.

      “I do not like to dig in another’s linen, so I don’t want to spread gossip and rumors, and just wish the young happiness in your personal life, peace in the family and full mutual understanding. By the way, the same media talking about the constant motion of the newlyweds meet each other, he bought himself the extreme hopping roller skates, and she set wool accessory called “Tie my grandfather-the veteran of the scarf and warm socks,” shared the actor.

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      We will remind, in recent years, a talented musician and composer Yuri Loza has become a popular mediapersons. Fans interested in not only the creative work of the artist, but also his thoughts on various topics. Statements stars are replicated in the media and find wide response in the hearts of the Internet users.