Emma Watson fears her personal pictures hitting the Internet

Эмма Уотсон боится, что ее личные фотографии попадут в интернет
The actress spoke about their fears.

In the movie “beauty and the Beast”. 2017


Emma Watson has admitted he still cannot deal with the consequences of fame, which had descended on her after starring in the films about Harry Potter.

“It took me a while and a lot of effort to get used to living in a constant field of view from the fans, — says the actress. Never forget, in celebration of my birthday the paparazzi were betting who will be able to photograph the moment when the wind lifted my skirt! They literally spread out on the asphalt in anticipation of my arrival. Funny if it were not so sad… Many people think I’m arrogant, rather ungrateful. They say, how come Hermione I love her, descend on her mind, the movies turned her into a rich girl, and Emma Watson does not want to do a selfie with fans! Yes, I wish. To talk, shake hands, answer questions, as I did, were directly on the site worked with teachers who came to me from school, was friends with the boys — Daniel, Rupert… it please. But the photo? Never!”

Watson explained why it is so scary.

“I don’t want pictures with fans and then posted on the web and used by hackers, as they a hundred times had done it to my mail… Isn’t it enough that people portray my face on all parts of his body in the form of a tattoo? Don’t I deserve some peace for a while, when I couldn’t appear? Even the house I had to buy anonymously, using a special realtor, so that it was impossible to calculate the location of the most sophisticated technology in any way…”

Full interview with the actress here.