Эмма Стоун впервые выйдет замуж

Эмма Стоун впервые выйдет замуж

And in Hollywood again planned a wedding! This time the knot I decided to tie the 31-year-old actress Emma stone, known for his roles in the movies “Mistress” and “La La land” and 34-year-old Director Dave Makkeri. The event became known through photographs, which was published by a man in his Instagram. In the photo close-up of the hand with the beautiful Emma an engagement ring.

Dave decided not to comment on the photo, because everything became immediately clear. He left a small red heart under the post, which symbolizes his love.

Emma stone and Dave Makkeri began their relationship two years ago, but the press didn’t report about it. They generally tried to keep it a secret for a long time. Insiders and unexpected paparazzi have confirmed that young people together. They first appeared officially as a couple at an event in Los Angeles in December 2019.

Many fans were convinced that Emma would marry his former lover actor Andrew Garfield, because with him she stayed in a relationship for five years. However, the couple broke up, but did so peacefully and beautifully in the moment, they are each other good friends. The reason for the breakup of their relationship is unknown, celebrities don’t comment on what is happening. This marriage for stone and Makkeri will be the first. Before formal relations were not, children born out of wedlock they are not.

The first joint photo session of young lovers can be seen from the ceremony of film actors of the USA, which was held earlier this year in Los Angeles. To the public this date was the official beginning of the relationship of celebrities.

We wish the young sweet family life, and already can’t wait to see Emma in a white wedding dress.

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