Стилист Селены Гомес раскрывает секреты тайного значения платья, одетого нею на AWA

Selena Gomez ready for a “new era” in his life and this inspired her bold fashion choices on “American Music Awards-2019”, the singer’s stylist, Kate young, shared with reporters the secrets of style Selena.
27-year-old Selena Gomez performed at the ceremony “American Music Awards, 2019” in Los Angeles on November 24, and the singer looked amazing when she arrived on the red carpet in a sexy bright green mini dress. Selena returned to the ceremony, as it not only looked great on the red carpet, but was struck by his wonderful performance in two singles “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look on Her Now.” While we enjoyed her slinky lime green dress from Versace on the red carpet, her clothes actually had a much greater value later shared her stylist Kate young in an interview.

Стилист Селены Гомес раскрывает секреты тайного значения платья, одетого нею на AWA


Kate visited the exhibition “news shoes” 2019 Awards, organized by one of the American sites in new York on 3 December, when she told me about a good reason why Selena chose this green mini. “You know, this way, we tried when she was in new York doing press releases for their singles, and we all enjoyed it very much. I love Selena in a bright, tiny mini dress, where you just linearise that she has gorgeous skin and beautiful legs and I always want to see her face and her shoulders. I think this is the moment of exit, the entry into a new era and I wish she was bright, positive and feminine” — said Kate.
When it comes to style, her famous clientele, which also includes 29 – year-old Margot Robbie, Kate ensures that women not only look good but also feel good in the clothes they wear. “I don’t choose them. It’s always such a subtle cooperation,” said Kate about the selection of clothing for their customers. “I hope it’s true, my customers look the same. I wish they always looked like themselves. Just a few fashionable versions of themselves. I think the meaning of my work is to make their lives easier. Communicating with the press, conducting interviews, being in front of the camera, it makes everyone nervous. Whether you’re an actor or not, it’s always an awkward situation, and if you feel pretty, it takes a little bit of that nervousness. So, my goal is to always feel confident,” shared Kate.

The Stylist Of Selena Gomez Kate Young

In addition to Selena when it comes to Margaux, who starred in two films right now — “Once in Hollywood” and “Bombing” — Kate explains how she displays the characters played by Margot through her clothes.
So when we were asked whether we can expect Margo will be in a new way, Kate admitted: “We have worked very hard on it and she wore several costumes, but then tried on some more Bohemian.” Very feminine, colourful and suitable. She likes clothes and she delivers it well, so I always want it to bring my clients pleasure. I want people to look at her clothes and said, “Oh, I want this top”.

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