Emma Roberts’s new novel

У Эммы Робертс новый роман

Personal life Emma Roberts is not in place. After breaking up with Evan Peters passed nothing at all, and she was walking down the street with her new lover by Christopher Hines.

Young people got acquainted in the company of mutual friends at the party of designer Britt Elkin. Insiders claim that sympathy between Emma and Christopher appeared at first sight.
“Chris is one of the most understanding and most accommodating people in the world. She and Emma meet a little over a month” — said the source.
His relationship with Emma Hynes does not think to hide. She easily takes his hand, knowing that the paparazzi would tell everyone their with Chris love. So, yesterday, while walking in London, Emma even pose for local photographers.
Recall that with Evan Peters Emma started Dating in 2012, in 2013 they celebrated their engagement, but broke up in June 2015. Two months later they tried to start over, but, as you can see, they have failed.

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