Агент Билла Косби покрывал его преступления

This information can be crucial in the case of multiple rapes, the famous American comedian bill Cosby. Western media reported that for many years the agent of comedian Tom Illius cover his crime, knew about each of them, but kept my mouth shut.

Unfortunately, Tom now ask the impossible – he died in 2011, but was told everything worked Cosby, his best friend Barry Sinkovo. The latter, incidentally, is 86 years old and need to hurry to take his testimony.
“I am ashamed to say it, but Tom did what he was told to do by his boss. There was nothing he could do about it, I had no one to report it. Cosby was his boss and a very influential man, who, besides, was paying him a salary, paid for his house and all the bills. That depended on the bill,” said Barry told how Tom was invited underage models “to audition” Cosby, knowing what will happen next. After the bill had completed its nefarious Affairs, Volume expelled raped girls, warning of silence and paying them money for it.
“Once I became the witness of how pay the girl for silence. When I realized what was happening, he asked me to keep it tell. I didn’t even know that bill had committed so many crimes..
The money is never paid on behalf of Cosby, with a paid Agency, because the star all protected and covered. I was silent only because my friend asked about it. I didn’t like it, I always thought Cosby shit. Tom always tried to avoid travel with bill, knowing in advance that he would have to cover up another sin bill” said Illius.
Recall that 78-year-old bill Cosby, on account of which now – more than six dozen of the victims were accused of rape by Andrea Costand that occurred in 2004. This is the only case when the guilt of a serial killer, you can prove all the remaining cases occurred ten, twenty, thirty and more years ago. If the fault is proven bill, he’s facing 10 years in prison. The victim’s lawyer Gloria Allred, representing the interests of the majority of the victims of Cosby, said that the victims of the rapist is much more simple, not everyone is ready to talk about it publicly. Many of the victims women now ladies, which the family has no idea about what happened to them many years ago.

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