Эмма Робертс разорвала помолвку с Эваном Питерсом и ушла к Гаррету Хедлунду

Western media reported that a long novel 28-year-old Emma Roberts and 32-year-old Evan Peters is over! The actress broke up with her fiance and fled to another 34 — year-old Garrett Hedlund.

Эмма Робертс разорвала помолвку с Эваном Питерсом и ушла к Гаррету Хедлунду

“Yes, Emma and Evan broke up. Now they’re just friends. Evan already moved out. But they parted on good terms”, — underline the insiders.

Emma my feelings with Garrett does not hide: a couple was again seen together on a walk in Los Angeles. The lovers embraced and were very romantic. “Garrett and Emma were friends, but what happens between them now is something new. It all started a few weeks ago,” noted friends of the actress.

Earlier, the stars were already broken off the engagement, but eventually get back together. “Their relationship has stalled. Emma and Evan have a lot of good memories, but their romance has outlived its usefulness. They parted friends, there is no offense,” — said the source.

The relationship of couples was not always stable. In 2013 the guys in a serious fight. Roberts was even arrested by Montreal police for domestic violence over one’s own beloved. It is reported that the police caused concerned neighbors who heard screams from the room of the star couple at the hotel. Upon arriving at the scene, police found Evan with a bloody nose (and one of the policemen told journalists that on the skin of the actor was visible bite marks).

Young Roberts was immediately arrested, but soon released — Peters refused to charge. Sources claim that between lovers happened the real fight — but was just arrested Emma because Evan had obvious signs of beatings.

After a few months the couple announced their engagement, but the wedding is not reached. The actors parted and converged.
Recall that the relationship of Emma and Evan started in 2012, they starred together in “American horror story”. In 2013, it became known that they celebrated the engagement.

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