Кейт Бекинсейл познакомила Пита Дэвидсона с мамой

45-year-old Kate beckinsale and 25-year-old Pete Davidson develop their relationship, but under the crown are not in a hurry as was going to do it Pete by Ariana Grande. At this time, the comedian decided not to rush things and to start to get acquainted with the parents of his beloved. Kate introduced him to her mother, 72-year-old Judy Lou.

Кейт Бекинсейл познакомила Пита Дэвидсона с мамой

During dinner in a restaurant in Los Angeles Kate introduced his beloved mother and stepfather, Roy Battersby. Day was difficult, because it is then passed Kate’s father Richard Beckinsale. The actor died of a heart attack at age 31 (Kate was only five years). She honored the memory of his father to the 40th anniversary of his death with a photo in instagram. Perhaps for this reason the whole family gathered for dinner.

Insiders are reporting that Kate and Pete are all excellent: “She is very happy with Pete. They have a similar sense of humor — Kate always laughs with him,” said a source close to Beckinsale.

Previously, Pete has spoken out about the age difference, which very much concerned the public. “It is clear that people have some unhealthy interest to our age difference. However, we are not particularly worried. But one thing is for sure: the relationship I have for the first time,” said Pete.

The comedian said that if anyone has any questions about these relations, you can ask them such eminent actors as Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, Larry king, Donald Trump and other famous men who have ever had or have relationships with women that are younger than ten years.

Recall, for the couple is experiencing not only the public but also the ex-boyfriend of Kate, actor Matt rife. He is sure that will suffer from these relations not Kate and Pete himself.

In an interview, Matt asked what advice he can give the guy his former lover. He replied categorically: “man to man? Run away!”. The actor said that he is happy for the couple, but Pete begs to be cautious.

The novel also stars already commented on ex-fiancée Peeta — Ariana Grande. Paparazzi caught the star and asked how she can relate to the new novel ex-fiancé, she’s just cute and said, “Pretty!”. Such a response can be perceived as a wish: maybe Ari just didn’t want to give a truthful answer, and decided to do a short review.

for the first time about the affair Pete and Kate spoke after the awards ceremony Golden globe, and have left together. Photographers captured the couple holding hands.

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