Эминем рассказал, как знакомится с девушками в стриптиз клубе

Rapper Eminem is not going to leave behind his personal life. This he said in a new interview for the magazine Valture. Turns out, the rap Titan uses the most simple methods for Dating with girls.

Эминем рассказал, как знакомится с девушками в стриптиз клубе

After his divorce from Kim Scott’s personal life the singer has not worked. “It’s complicated. After the divorce, I only had a few dates and nothing happened, because I wanted to do it publicly,” says Eminem. “Dating is not where I see myself now.”

It turns out, the famous star prefers the most simple ways of meeting enjoyed by most people. The musician uses a program called Tinder. “And Grindr,” Eminem joked about online Dating men with men.

But do not think that such a star looking for her online. Eminem admitted that he went to strip clubs. The musician admits that he met some girls and felt such places interesting.

In his early lyrics Eminem is not shy to say misogynist in tone. In some songs there was even mention of the death of Scott. Now he explains that the old days demanded from him a catchy and controversial lyrics, which would be of interest to the public. “I have had experience with women, which I was so pissed and wrote about it in his lyrics,” tell Eminem now. The rapper explained the texts that the playing in public at that time, EMU had to write flashy text. As he says Eminem if the first lines don’t make public, he might not even go on stage.

Эминем рассказал, как знакомится с девушками в стриптиз клубе

Recall now that the rapper is interviewed in support of their new album. After four years of silence he released the album called Revival, where he spoke about their problems. This is the ninth album in a row. The lyrics of tracks you can see that the artist was inspired by the real problems of life: politics, struggle with fame, relationships with their children, addiction…

In the 90s, the lyrics, Eminem was influenced by his difficult relations with his wife Kimberly Anne Scott, whom he was twice married and together raised a daughter Hallie jade Scott. 21-year-old Haley’s father dedicated three songs on the new album and regretted that the early talked about her in his lyrics and used in the pursuit of popularity.

In many Eminem songs suggests that this album will be his last. “You can bring back the glory, but I don’t want to. I will release this latest album, and finish this… Perhaps it would be better to separate from shady” says the artist.

As critics believe, the songs of the artist was a very emotional and personal. In them, he asks for forgiveness from his children (native in addition to Haley, the rapper several foster children) and I was in the hospital, being between life and death.

“Smile nice for pictures. Always cherish each other. I will always love you and will remain in your memory. Know that you will never forget me. Only do not grieve when I think,” reads the text of one of songs.

Eminem, as a loving father, very worried about his daughter Hayley, about which he wrote not one song. The girl is 21 years old. In the spring she celebrated her birthday, which appeared in a revealing dress, which of course was not liked by the father.