Сати Казанова провела супругом день в огороде The artist released his new project. Sati Casanova has released an album of songs with ancient texts in different languages. Spouse artist Stefano Tiozzo supported the wife during the presentation.
Сати Казанова провела супругом день в огороде

Singer Sati Casanova recently presented in Moscow the album of your alternative project Ethnica Sati. The artist carefully chose the hall in which the audience was able to hear and feel the new songs. She wanted the atmosphere of the room consistent with the concept of her songs. The actress stopped at the theater GARDEN the Botanical garden of Moscow state University pharmaceutical garden. Those wishing to attend the concert were so many that a celebrity has decided to spare no effort to please all fans.

That’s why it was organized two concerts, and the audience was ready to listen Sati even standing. Polutorochasovoj the program included the ancient texts in different languages: Circassian, Arabic, Sanskrit, Romani, combined with hung, and was also accompanied by playing various musical instruments – violin, cello, harp, guitar, percussion – in a modern electronic sound, which brought Yuri Yogamaya.

One of the honoured guests was the husband of Casanova, the Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. He is very proud of his wife and believes in the success of the project. The lovers got married in early October. There were three weddings in Moscow, in the Caucasus, and also in Italy. Sati Casanova: “my husband and I tied the mystical signs”

“Two slices of toast touched me, I cried, – told the singer “StarHit”. First, her husband’s brother – Chris. And in the end my dad said. Cried all. I realize how difficult it was given to loved ones the fact that I was marrying a person of another culture. The father uttered a deep idea that we are all in God, and that it will be Union of two souls or not. Now I belong to my Italian family and their customs, traditions and laws for me need to be the same family, and unquestioned, as the traditions of the Circassian people”.