Эминем продаёт кирпичи собственного дома

Not entirely, in parts. The famous rapper Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, put up for sale the bricks own home in Detroit, where he grew up. Western media reported that the contractor also sells old audio tapes 2000 album “The Marshall Mathers LP”.

These and other commemorative items can be purchased on the website of Eminem separately and in sets, the most expensive of which is a branded t-shirt, brick, magazine and badge) sold for $ 350 at a time, like a cassette with a t-shirt will cost $ 35. To prove the authenticity, Eminem completed all sets of certificates that confirm the original.
The childhood home of Marshall was demolished a few years ago. The surviving bricks artist carefully stored in his barn. Now Eminem has decided to get rid of junk and earn some money, fans-go not lost yet.
Recall that the glory fell on Eminem in 1999. Debut album “The Slim Shady LP” was more than popular. During his career, the artist has released eight albums, and played a major role in the film “the Eighth mile”.

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