Отец Жанны Фриске обратился в больницу из-за пранкеров

The desire of Romanian Lexus and Vova to reconcile the warring parties of Vladimir Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, for the first turned into poor health.

As it became known to the press, Vladimir Borisovich, after the call of prankerami, and then after the program “the call” (in which Vova and Lexus called the parties) in ether, was in the hospital.

More to say about his health Kopylov has refused, but to comment on the act of the culprit considered necessary: “It was a shamelessly cynical, inhuman! The other I can’t say. Those of prunerov I’m in the hospital now find themselves. I feel bad. All these moral trials… I thought Shepelev really called me to reconcile. But it turned out, that was the culprit. What can I say? I think behind all this is the lawyer Dobrovinsky. My wife unjustly accused of stealing some money. It was the money of Joan, which her mother, my wife, took, because to treat a daughter it was necessary. It’s just a nightmare! It is the destruction of our family. It’s kind of iniquity! I don’t know… can’t talk anymore, no strength…”


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