Эмилия Кларк заставила родителей посмотреть свою эротическую сцену

Explicit scenes for an actor – the same part of the workflow, like shooting, say, the tea party.

For artists in the erotic moments in the frame is not unusual, but his family and friends with this must also come to terms.

Parents of the stars of “Game of thrones” can be proud of the daughter. Emilia Clarke got one of the most memorable roles of the series, yet one of the most difficult.

Several times the heroine Clark was shown Nude. No exception new sixth season.

This scene Emilia, were forced to watch their parents.

In the previous episode of the series, the character actress Daenerys Targaryen is naked through the fire, reminiscent of the NME.

“The parents claimed that I have not very much screen time this season, and I advised them to watch this episode, told Clark in a live TV show Live! With Kellyна channel US TV, noting that the consent of parents to watch the show failed. In the end, I sat down next to them and said, “Well, let’s see”. I regretted it the second. My dad is like: “Again?!””

We will remind, after watching this episode on-screen husband Clark Jason Momoa confessed his love to her.


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