Эмилия Кларк стала лицом известного косметического бренда

Эмилия Кларк стала лицом известного косметического бренда

For Hollywood Actresses advertising campaign of the cosmetic brand will debut. It started with Clinique iD, which develops customized system of skin care.

For the brand Clinique working with Emilia is also something new, up to this point the company had its own person in the form of celebrities. At the moment, Clark had already taken part in the very first line of the company, which is dedicated to customized care. These remedies for skin to fully emphasize the versatility of the actress, her optimistic Outlook on life and confidence in their own abilities.

International President at Clinique, Jane Lauder told why their brand is chose Emilia. The company believes that Clark attracts the public, namely women, its versatility and harmony to everything around him. It is, in the opinion of the President of the company, is the image of the modern woman who is not afraid to change and accept changes in their skin for granted. Also for the brand it was important that Emilia actually loved this product, and the actress began to use all the means and stayed in great delight. The brand assumes that the company will help many women to choose their own a unique system of skin care.

Emilia Clarke has a strong character and real talent. She became famous thanks to a fateful role in the TV series “Game of thrones”, where she had the role of a strong and confident woman — Daenerys Targaryen. Due to this role, Emily has received numerous awards in the award “Emmy” and “critics Choice”. More recently, the world saw a new picture “Christmas for two”, in which Clark played a major role.

In March 2019 Emilia faced with a serious illness, after operations on the brain and she has decided to create its own charitable Foundation. The organization helps young people fight the disease stroke, and most importantly to undergo rehabilitation after a serious illness.

About Clinique Emilia gave a short interview. The actress stated that he is very proud of the fact that the brand chose her as the Ambassador. Because it is a long time, she used this line of cosmetics, and now can use his face to convey all women on the planet the importance of caring for your skin. Clark is confident that any people with different skin problems can be yourself and look great thanks to the care Clinique.

It is necessary to tell that the Clinique brand was founded already in 1968, and he became the first in the world, who can recommend dermatologists. Today the brand is the same mission as 51 years ago: to produce quality products for skin care that will suit everyone. Every product is tested by dermatologists and allergists, and consists of 100% natural ingredients. Brand presented in the full range in more than 160 countries around the world.

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