Карди Би шокировала на Парижской неделе моды

Cardi Bi is no stranger to shocking his fans and photographers that she once did in the time of his last appearance and speech at “Paris Fashion Week”, where she wore a completely black suit with mesh on the body, on top of throwing a fur coat and a mask that covers almost the entire face.
27-year-old KARDi Bi makes wrapping the head with her recent choice of wardrobe! Grammy-nominated rapper, performer of the hit “Money” (“Maney Bag”) made on 16 January at the exhibition Laundered Works Corp, together with her husband, rapper Offsetom during Paris fashion week 2020, with a really bold appearance. Suit KARDi Bi consisted of black sheer costume, which was fully visible underwear winning a Grammy and her tattoo on her hip. Delicate image with minimal details, with inserts in the form of black lines of fabric extending throughout the body Cardi Bi and her feet. Under the transparent fishnet cardy Bi were to pull, it seemed, a black buckle, but that’s not all, that could attract all eyes on this fashion show.

Карди Би шокировала на Парижской неделе моды
Cardi Bi also wore the mask on the face. Material that visually resembled a coat that completely covered the appearance rappers and showed only her frilly, glowing eyes. Given the revival of the public, raising the temperature to the max Cardi Bi decided to add to the image of a fur coat. Her last fur the bar was so thick that gave the dimensions of the delight Cardi b and her ensemble. In addition to its signature long red nails KARDi Bi made your home a trendy touch of black heels and went to a fashion show, as always, with his bold confidence.
Of course, KARDi never avoided a bold fashion decisions. This is just the latest in a series of avant-garde products, which she wore. 14 Dec KARDi Bi and Offset celebrated the 28th birthday of the leader of the musical group “Migos” in a stylish direction when KARDi’s wearing the same attractive outfit. Mother charming daughter Cultures, and the wife of one of the leader of the group was dressed in a long black leather sleeveless dress for an epic celebration of her husband. Long dress with neck circumference in its detail perfectly fit the body of the Cardi. In one picture, together with the Offset you can admire the body of the Cardi, when he put his hand on her waist.

Of course, “Paris Fashion Week” — is the perfect place to KARDi, where you can try new and bold looks. She completely mastered the red carpet, and worked on it on their own catwalk in October 2019, during the same event. As the fashion shows continue in the coming weeks, fans can’t wait to see what KARDi’s next.

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