Эдди Мерфи решил приостановить карьеру и насладиться обществом 10 детей

Эдди Мерфи решил приостановить карьеру и насладиться обществом 10 детей

The famous American actor, singer, Director and producer Eddie Murphy recently gave an interview to the American edition. In his story, he shared his plans for the future and told about what it’s like to be a father from ten children and a grandfather at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that Eddie Murphy became a father for the first time 30 years ago, but youngest child of a celebrity will soon turn one year. In addition to the children he already had the first grandchild.

According to the actor the whole of life consists of certain cycles. At the moment he is in such a cycle, in which the greatest joy is children. And the great gift from God he thinks his first grandchild.

In 2012, Eddie has publicly stated that it is in a serious relationship with an American model Paige butcher. Four years later, Eddie became a father for the ninth child, and Paige’s daughter Izzy is the firstborn. Two years later the couple decided on a second child, they became son Max, who will soon turn one year old.

Yet Murphy and butcher have not legalized their relationship, and in an interview say that not in a hurry with this event. Although close to a couple of people say that the wedding is not far off.

Eddie said that at the moment the quarry is not his priority. The center of life is now focused on grandchildren and children. They are now the most important thing the actor, all the other spheres of life go after them. Eddie tries to pay attention to all ten children equally, so it is very difficult to make a balance between family and work. That is why at this stage of his life, he decided to push his career on the most distant plan. Now he wants to sit on the sofa in the living room and just look at the happy children, to be a father. The satisfaction brought shooting and high fees, now the priority is the subjects emotions. Emotional response it can only be obtained by playing and nurturing the children.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s film critics Association decided to give Eddie Murphy an honorary award. He will get her for her outstanding roles which he played throughout his acting career. His last role in the film “my name is Dolemite” also will be among the famous role of the actor.

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