Elton John writes hilarious autobiography

Элтон Джон пишет веселую автобиографию

Not long ago, Justin Bieber spoke about his desire to release a memoir. It would seem that such a shocking, interesting and exciting can tell you about myself a young artist. Another thing, when on the memoirs of a thinking man, creative life which is several tens of years.

As reported by Daily Mail, citing their sources, writes that the lucrative contract on the publication of the memoirs suggested that John the publishing house Macmillan. The musician has promised to pay the sum of six zeros behind it spicy revelation.

It is reported that Elton has already taken advance payment of 6 million pounds.

An intermediary in the transaction was the well-known British literary agent Andrew Wylie, nicknamed “the Jackal”, which he received for the ability to knock out publishers for huge advances to writers, and celebrities.

Writing my memoirs Elton John will not he personally, but the so-called Ghost. They, in this case acts as a musical critic, journalist and editor of GQ Alexis Petridis.

“The book is very funny, full of various little-known stories about Elton and other celebrity”, said a source close to the sponsors.

By the way, this is not the first attempt of the musician to talk about themselves in the pages of the book. In 2012 he published autobiographical book “Love Is The Cure” in which, however, it was primarily about AIDS his friends, which he in the end still lost.