Elton John complained believes the record Kanye West The Life Of Pablo too expensive

Элтон Джон пожаловался считает пластинку Канье Веста The Life Of Pablo слишком дорогой

Sir Elton John is in the confusion caused by the value of vinyl records Kanye West The Life Of Pablo. His passion for vinyl media, the singer said in a small video on your You Tube channel. For the week Elton manages to complete his collection of 5-6 records, but his latest acquisition, according to the actor, it was too expensive.

“It cost me a fortune,” said John on the new album of the authorship of the American rapper Kanye West.
The Life Of Pablo is the eighth Studio album by Kanye, the release of which was held in February this year. On physical media, he never came out and was presented only in streaming service Tidal. to say that the popularity of the album was so high that it was certified platinum, and became the first ever platinum album, which became popular thanks to streaming.
It is reported that all existing vinyl album – pirate, but would John buy such – remains a mystery.