Yulia Nachalova dreams of having her chosen son

Юлия Началова мечтает родить своему избраннику сына
The singer lifted the veil of private life.

Julia Nachalova


Six months ago, Yulia Nachalova broke up with her civil husband
— Alexander Frolov and is now in “active search”. Singer
frankly told, that wants not only to meet the man of all his
life, but being a mom again. Ideally, the artist is planning the birth of two more children,
one of them must be a boy.

About this 36-year-old singer told on air
the program “invisible Man”. “You! Sure! Want
equilibrium, that is, that I have a son!” — admitted Nachalova. The show had encouraged the singer predicted her future third marriage. Yulia will meet with a wealthy man who is older than her.

By the way, Nachalova did not comment on the reasons for the gap long-term relationships with the hockey player. But the participants of the program, namely: the criminalist, the magician, the fortuneteller, the psychologist, palmist and shaman, I tried to do it for her. In their opinion, Frolov and Nachalova broke up due to the fact that the feelings of the artist to the beloved “burn out”. Under assumptions of experts show, the hockey player tried to take steps to restore relations, but Julia is not committed to reunification. “She shut that door!” — confirmed the sister of Nachalovo.

Recall that Julia was married twice. The first marriage of the actress was with the singer Dmitry Lansky was short-lived. The second time, Nachalova was married to Eugeny by Adoniram, who later became the father of her daughter Vera. After her divorce from footballer she had an affair with Alexander Frolov, who was together for five years, but to the altar couple never got.