Эллен Пейдж и Дженнифер Гарнер снова сыграют в «Джуно»

Jennifer garner in recent years, rarely appeared in films. The reason is simple – the actress is busy raising children and rebuilding relationships with her husband Ben Affleck. But Jen still had the opportunity again to remember their talents. Garner was approved in the project that the audience could already see in 2007. We are talking about the movie “Juno” where she co-starred with Ellen page.

This acting Duo agreed to take part in the sequel and not a remake, but in the theatrical production based on “Juno.”

Its Director is the author of the original film, Jason Reitman, which is not the first year organizes these performances-readings. The show will be held only once, and the money that will be collected during it, will go to Fund the public movement “Conscious parenthood” (Planned Parenthood), advocating for the rights of women and families and conducting educational activities. “Like many other people, I felt like I wanted to contribute to this important cause, said Reitman. And then I remembered that I have the right film and the experience of this show, and they can help to draw attention to the problems of Planned Parenthood”.

Who besides garner and Paige will take part in the play, is not specified.