Линдси Лохан раскрыла неприглядную правду о своей семье

Roman Lindsay Lohan Egor Tarasovym for her was very enlightening. The actress realized that to tolerate the strange behavior of his men should not even despite the feelings that you feel about him. The ending of this story was laid in the middle of last year, but the star of the movie “Kiss for luck” still remembers it, analyzes and makes certain conclusions.

Recently, Lohan came to the conclusion that her affair with Tarasovym was similar to the relationship of her parents – mom Dina and dad Michael.

Dean, too, has long suffered the antics of a spouse, father of her daughter. When little Lindsey’s father didn’t raise a hand to mother, but she had seen enough, and a few other attractive scenes, but also noticed bruising on the body of the mother.

Lohan admitted that such relations between a man and a woman seemed to her the absolute norm. But later came to the realization that the pain is still not something that should feel loving and beloved woman. It is important to note that she Lindsay waited till the last minute that their relationship will end at the initiative of Egor.

Now Lohan is trying to keep his life under control. It is involved in charitable programs, providing assistance to Syrian refugees, as well as intriguing reports of the impending collection of the hijab.