Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко покинули «Дом-2» The couple will be to build relationships outside the perimeter. About his decision to leave the project where they found each other, Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko said on Saturday. In June of this year, the participants “House-2” were married in Moscow, and then staged a wedding ceremony in the Seychelles.

      One of the most beautiful and romantic couples of the reality show “Dom-2” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko decided to leave the project. This was announced on the official website of telestroke in Instagram. Themselves now ex-participants “Houses-2”, recently became husband and wife, the news of his departure, which shocked their fans, has not commented on. Ella Sukhanova only indirectly hinted that they with Igor life has changed. The girl has published in the microblog message on how to contact them with proposals for cooperation and advertising needs under the new social media accounts.

      Followers Sukhanova on this post immediately realized that she Tregubenko decided to leave the project “Dom-2”. Emotions about this step couples at all different – someone regrets that will never see them on telestroke, someone supports them, knowing that family life should not be under the gun cameras.

      “What a pity you left, You left the project? Sadness, Away, Yes? How do you feel?”, “Yes, all right. They have family, they are no longer interested in the project, no plotting, nothing. Let go” – discuss the news fans of “House-2”.

      Recall, Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko became winners of the competition “Wedding in a million”. For the right to throw a big celebration for a considerable amount of money fought many pairs of “House-2”. Despite the fact that Ella and Igor at the beginning of the contest broke up because of conflicts, who constantly shook the pair, they took the decision to participate in the contest. Together to overcome various tests, as expected, was able to get a pair of old feelings and finally to reconcile young people. In the end, Igor and Ella realized that after all made for each other, and to the delight of its many fans, in June of this year and got married. Stars “House-2” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko went to the altar

      The couple has registered their relationship in one of the salons of the capital, and then invited the guests to a restaurant on the banks of the Moscow river. After the celebration the boys flew to the Seychelles. There, on the ocean, they again gave each other an oath of love and fidelity. Pictures of this touching moment on Ella and Igor published on his page in Instagram.