Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору “StarHit” collected the most interesting pictures from the talent show. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak struck their original outfits, Philip received gifts from fans, and Alexey Vorobyov spent time on the beach playing football.

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      From 3 to 9 September in Sochi was held the contest “New wave”. At the closing ceremony for the guests of the evening was legendary singer sting. In the framework of the gala concert was held awarding of the winners, awarding the “Crystal waves” and other special prizes. “StarHit” tells how the Russian star was lit in Sochi, and shows footage not included in the television.

      Ksenia Sobchak

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      The emergence of the “New wave” pregnant Ksenia Sobchak waited and artists, and journalists. Arriving in Sochi on the opening day of the festival before anyone else, she settled in a Suite at the Pullman. Left the hotel leading only in rehearsal. “I love Sochi – confessed Kseniya from the stage during the run of the show. Always the sun, it is possible to work on the boat to come”. The evening presenter was replaced by black pants and a wide t-shirt for a silk dress embroidered with ostrich feathers. Pokracovanie on stage, she flew away, to return on the black sea coast three days later with her husband. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak arrived in Sochi fitting shirt. PHOTO

      Igor Nikolaev

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      The composer is clearly doing well in love, because the game had not worked. At the tennis match Igor together with his partner competed with Roman Kostomarov and Leonid Agutin. What would the singer do the balls of opponents he was given. How not to scream from impotence.

      Tatiana Ovsiyenko

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      The singer first came to light after her lover Alexander Merkulov put behind bars. After a meeting with the civil husband in jail Ovsienko arrived on the black sea coast, through a creative evening of Victor Drobysh sang a duet with Victor Saltykov.

      Groom Tatyana Ovsienko was again put in prison

      “I feel perfectly, mood good, all of them support me!” – said Tatiana, escaping from the crowd of journalists to the hotel.

      Lyme Vajkule and Igor Krutoy

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      Even such a serious man as the composer Igor Krutoy, is lost in the form of a gorgeous Laima Vaikule. During lunch break of lime hooked to Igor Yakovlevich and desire to tell something interesting literally attacked him. Surely, the artist was invited longtime friend not her own festival in Jurmala, where “New wave” moved in two years ago.

      Alexey Vorobyov

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      One of these days “New wave” was held a friendly football match between artists and participants. First, more experienced, won a landslide victory with the score 8:4! Undoubtedly, one of the main stars of the tournament was the singer Alexey Vorobyov – he scored just two goals. Still, the sport he loves since childhood, even played for the youth national team of Tula.


      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      Producer all helps wife Valerie in particular, while the favorite was rehearsing a duet with Christina Aguilera wore her backpack. Powerful on the back of Prigogine accessory looked tiny, but it is very roomy. There is stored a countless number of things, in which Valeria constantly experienced the need: phone, mirror, lipstick, purse and more. A real handbag Hermione!


      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      In between rehearsals and performances Nyusha was walking through the promenade and looked at the local arboretum. Most of all, the singer liked not exotic plants, and fauna. Especially the raccoon, whom she literally could not leave. It may be worthwhile to have this handsome fellow as a pet?


      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      While young Yes, the regulation of the hum whether on stage, who is the baddest sings, fans of Philip Kirkorov were competing who is stronger will delight your favorite artist. Won the unknown beauty, who sewed for King jacket in honor of his concert program “I”. Philip immediately tried on the gift. Only in his case I did not get the last letter in the alphabet.

      Lubov Uspenskaya

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      “Oh, Luba-lyubonka kiss you in gabonica”. However, in this case on the cheek. Custom duet at the festival amounted to Lubov Uspenskaya and Dominik Joker. The man helped the renowned artist, gave a hand on the ladder, bringing coffee. And rightly so, because it is Love!

      Oleg Gazmanov

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      There are moments when Oleg Gazmanov gets tired of doing flips. Apparently, they occur very suddenly. So the artist lay down on stage during a run of his own recitals. Colleagues, it seems, was extremely surprised by this behavior of the singer. Oleg, what are you! Dance while you are young!

      Nikolay Baskov

      Главные кадры «Новой волны»: что не показали по телевизору

      If you thought the tiger costume, presented at the “New wave” last year, Nikolay Baskov stop, then you are deeply mistaken. On creative evening Oleg Gazmanov, the singer shocked the audience follows the Sea king. To create cubes press on the abdomen and webbed between the fingers of the stake almost two hours to put prosthetics. Now you’ve seen them all.

      Nikita Mikhalkov

      Themselves with a mustache. Who can understand each other better than two of the master. Nikita Mikhalkov and Alexander Rosenbaum got caught languages, so it was not tear. Even the rehearsal was delayed. On what celebrity I laughed so hard remains a mystery. But rumor has it, Rosenbaum complained to a friend that the photographers got pictures of him shirtless. “New wave” Nikita arrived with his wife Tatiana. The couple came to the fashion show of Anastasia Zadorina. At the event, Oscar-winning Director drinking only juice is a healthy way of life. All around discussed his recent illness, Mikhalkov had severe pneumonia. However, he quickly dispelled the rumors about health problems. Fresh complexion and cheerful smile made everyone forget the rumors.