Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей» On the eve of the anniversary, the musician said “StarHit” why would not like to bring money. Alexey Kortnev frankly spoke about the situation in the house, attention to his older sons and work for pennies.

      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»

      With the soloist of group “Accident” we met in a cafe near the Palace of culture named Zuev – where the musician rehearsals. I order tea, I tell the waiter to calculate. Bring the bill, take out the wallet, Alex stops me, surprised: “Dasha, why are you doing this? I’ll pay…” Start a conversation with the principal – the coming of the anniversary, October 12 Kortneva will be 50 years old.

      “I note the occasion with Kamil Larin, he, too round date – says he has plans. – We congratulate each other, to congratulate yourself – I think it’s nasty.” Actor and host of “the Mouths of Babes” NTV has shared with “StarHit” the crisis forced him to accept work, which he earlier refused.

      Latin cries

      Alex already agreed with friends that they will present for an anniversary? Or like a surprise?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Will request the amount that they want me to donate, donate to the Fund “our Children”, I am its founder. The reason for this is I have everything available, and nothing else. In General, the issue with gifts in the family try to solve in advance. A few years ago, Amin bought me an incredibly expensive car. Of course, I was touched, but later we agreed that more do not become.—
      Wife does not hurt that you did not appreciate her surprise.
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»We somehow decided not to take offense… However, I changed the wife, went to sleep in the room son Athanasius. The fact is that Amin had a cold, was coughing badly, I spent half the night tossing and turning… had to retire. The days when we were fighting with the Latin screams, gone. Today we experienced, after all 14 years of marriage, learned to negotiate.—
      And even life lacking?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»With him, too. For me washing dishes and frying steaks. In General, we have a delightful AU pair Folk, ready to cook 24 hours a day. For her to set the table for 80 people – a common thing, because my wife often receive guests. Thanks Luda, a native of Ukraine, we have on the table all day dumplings, borsch, dumplings, pies, muffins…
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»
      As with the diet you keep yourself in good shape?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Two or three times a week I go to the gym – doing squash. And yet four month be sure to visit the Golf club.
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»I’m not an alcoholic whiskey every day, don’t drink. But once a week, in good company – why not? My parents got a very healthy body and brain, so in this regard I’m not afraid.—
      You and your wife Amina has three children: 12-year-old Arseny, 10-year-old Athanasius and 6-year-old Aksinya. Let them sit on the Internet? Remember, at the round table “StarHit” depending on the social networks you mentioned that you don’t use “Facebook” and “Instagram”.
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»For them the rule: for entertainment purposes the gadgets you can pick up on weekends only. In other days exclusively to study. Of course, the children are with Amina cheat and play with your blanket, but we turn a blind eye.—
      Others would in your place, probably, punished…
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Why? The kids we are not spoiled, all active in sports and studying, disciplined. Screaming at them is not necessary. To deprive of something sweet or watching cartoons – also makes no sense. When the child has all he wants, it doesn’t work. Well, he won’t eat that candy now, so will get It later… in an insolvent families this might work, where a sweet for children – holiday. We have in house is one way of education – resentment. If my wife insulted by the behavior of some of the guys talking cold is the biggest punishment for any of them. Most children get for a lie – they are of the reprimand not be avoided.—
      Senior – 28-year-old Artem and 18-year-old Nikita – friendly with younger children?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Of course! In July, at the 10th anniversary of Athanasius, for example, gathered all five of my children sat perfectly. Together we love to ski, play Golf, just to get at home. In these meetings the kids climb on the Subject and Nikitas like a tree. They love each other.
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»
      Artemy and Nikita not jealous of you younger? After all, they both grew up outside of marriage…
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Yeah, you guys have been deprived of fatherly attention… But apparently the guys are already so Mature and intelligent that he forgave me. If they have any – of course, a just – claim to me, then my younger brothers and sister, this is not reflected.—
      Son of Athanasius, you call the Wrapper. And all the other kids have nicknames?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Yes, in tune. Senya name of the Lord, Aksinya – Asay, Artemia – Topic Nikita – Nikitosha. The most trying yet Athanasius – he Wrapper, and ARRA, and Ananasi, and Fantomasi…—
      Nikita studying in the Institute of Radiotechnics, electronics and automation, Artemy is a photographer. Doesn’t hurt that the sons did not follow in your footsteps?
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»Not at all. Moreover, it is not so. The Theme in the crisis, few orders recently began working as an administrator in my theater “School of three arts.” My group of “Accident” the economic situation in the country is also affected. The work itself did not become less, quite the contrary, but the fees – Yes, decreased. But we are flexible and willing to work for penny, and for millions. Today rarely perform at corporate events and often in small clubs, although I play there didn’t agree – and why, if everything is great and a lot of money? Now come on, we only! November 19, by the way, along with Kamil Larin give a concert in “Crocus city Hall” in honor of our anniversaries. It did nothing to earn – the money will go to charity.—
      The money became harder to give, lend to friends and acquaintances? A refuse – are afraid to lose a loved one, and blood…
      Алексей Кортнев: «Закрываю глаза на обман детей»I have many needs, but never to give. It happens that the money is returned a very long time – in this case, I’m stupidly waiting for. Ever give! Besides, as I said, I’m on the money don’t bother. Not in them happiness!