Избранник Даны Борисовой подарил ей машину за 5 миллионов Leading became the owner of smart cars that can drive itself. Elect Borisova presented her luxury car for security purposes. The fact that he is genuinely worried about a celebrity who went through a difficult period in life.

      Избранник Даны Борисовой подарил ей машину за 5 миллионов

      Recently it became known that the 40-year-old TV host Dana Borisova is Dating 41-year-old producer and captain of the hockey team “the mosquito” by Alexander Morozov. Saturday is the chosen celebrity made her a luxury gift — luxury car brand Volvo worth about five million rubles. Morozov is genuinely worried for his beloved, because the last time Dana had a hard time. Therefore he purchased for Borisova car that can drive itself. This is very useful if the drive suddenly get tired and decide to take a break from the role of the driver.

      Token from the beloved pleased Borisov. She is very happy that frost decided in such an original way to celebrate the date of their acquaintance.

      “The year was very difficult for me. I don’t want to think about death, divorce… to Me, Sasha is good, nice, and his actions today — very happy, because this was not me a thousand years. As he explained to me, after three months of Dating,” shared Dana Borisova with “StarHit”.
      Избранник Даны Борисовой подарил ей машину за 5 миллионов

      Dana Borisova has already tested the new car. Together with her partner leading swept through Moscow. “Today is the Day of the city, the whole center is blocked, and Sasha ride, while Pauline at the tutor,” Borisov wrote on Instagram, adding the hashtag “crazy Saturday”.

      Followers Borisova congratulated her and wished the star all the best. “Here is a gift!”, “Good for you, it is an act, a real man, worthy of respect. It is well done, and you look just fine” — they wrote in the comments of the post leading. What she said still remains in a state of shock. “Importantly, it is a pleasant shock! And a lot of positive emotions”, — summed up one of podeschi This.

      Recall that This Borisovi was a really difficult life span. After leading filed for divorce from Alexey Troshchenko, she started Dating businessman named Alex. The lovers were planning a wedding. But just a few months before the ceremony, Borisov found out about the infidelity of Alexei and hurried to break up with him. Celebrity also threatened former common-law husband Maxim Aksenov, he tried to take The their heiress Pauline. In addition, at the beginning of the year died PR-Director-star Tim Brick. Daughter Dana Borisova celebrated a birthday without a father