Died star of the TV series Irina Efremova

Умерла звезда сериалов Ирина Ефремова In Moscow has died the popular actress, best known for his roles in such films as “Two fates”, “shortness of breath” and “Detective without a license.” The cause of death of Irene Ephraim, according to preliminary data, was heart failure. Woman found dead in her apartment in the city center.

    Умерла звезда сериалов Ирина Ефремова

    Media reported that he died 53-year-old actress Irina Efremova. The body of the actress was discovered in her apartment on Zoologicheskaya street, Saturday, September 10. According to law enforcement officials, her husband called rescuers and doctors, because they could not get to his home. They opened the door, but to save Ephraim failed. The woman was already dead when her husband and medical professionals came to the apartment.

    Journalists report that the actress died due to heart failure.

    The Bonney was born on 28 July 1963. Beginning a career as an actress after graduating from the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin. In the famous University Ephraim was trained in the workshop of a theater Director and honored art worker of albert Burov.

    Irina can be seen not only in movies and serials, but also on the stage of Russian psychological theater, where she participated in the entreprise. As with other works by Irina, at various times, she played in such series as “Two destinies”, “a place in the sun”, “Housing problem”. She has also been busy making paintings “Four taxi drivers and a dog”, “Andersen. A life without love” and “Breakthrough”. On account of Ephraim — more than 20 roles, including starring roles in such projects as “the Sleuth without a license”, “Short breath”, “Women’s history”, “it would Not be happy” and “Take me with you.” Many remember Irina in the first place due to the “Short breath”, where she became responsive and willing to sacrifice a character named Hope.

    In 2002, Ephraim tried his hand at directing. She made a documentary film “Father”. Critics praised the work of the actress, which was awarded the XII festival of documentary cinema “Message to man”. Then the picture of Ephraim was given the award for best directorial debut.

    Data on causes of death of the actress are still preliminary. Examination to establish what caused the death of Ephraim, reports Life.ru.