Elizaveta Boyarskaya was the seller-confectioner

Елизавета Боярская стала продавцом-кондитером The actress stood behind the counter of a shop in the center of St. Petersburg. This time Boyarskaya took part in the charitable action of Fund “the Sun” and a network of “Happiness”. Celebrity personally sold candy and signed gift cards for buyers.

      Елизавета Боярская стала продавцом-кондитером

      Famous actress Elizabeth boyar is actively engaged in charity not only in his native St. Petersburg and in Russia in General. Lisa herself is constantly known for good deeds, and about their joint charitable performances with colleagues in MDT “Theatre of Europe” Ksenia Rappoport and Danila Kozlovsky already legends. In one performance they once managed to collect an astronomical sum – 9 million rubles.

      With the charitable Foundation “the Sun” and a network of “Happiness” Boyar go back a long way – in these restaurants she cooked Goodies, not only one, but with her husband, Maxim Matveev, and actress Marina Alexandrova. This time the organizers invited the star an unusual move to reach people and have the largest share in a St. Petersburg shopping center “Gallery”. The idea was a success, and after half an hour after the start of sales to knights lined up an impressive queue of people wanting to buy sweets and sign a beautiful card.

      “We really have fun together: talking, drinking tea, signing cards and taking pictures. In addition, we help children, how can we not rejoice,” smiled Elizabeth boyar.
      Елизавета Боярская стала продавцом-кондитером

      By the way, long queues formed of those who longed to see Elizabeth, played with it a cruel joke – each participant Lisa is not just signed but also wrote a beautiful wish, but because already on the second hour of her right hand started to “whine”. And then the actress was doing her little exercises, but it has not abandoned the original plan and signed wishes for another two hours.

      Among the many bystanders, who on this day appeared in the center of St. Petersburg, were fans of the Boyars, who came to the event and brought pictures to sign. And one woman even brought along two books on the film “Admiral”, in which Boyarsky played a major role. “This is my favorite movie,” admitted the woman.

      According to the organizers, specially for this event the bakers have produced 1500 of chocolates, each of which costs 140 rubles. “Ideally, we want to sell all candies, because all the money we transfer to the Fund “the Sun”, – told in the shop “Happiness”. That is, according to conservative estimates, about 210 thousand roubles on which will buy the gifts for those suffering from disease children and will be purchased special equipment to those in need.