Elizaveta Boyarskaya: “I’m still crazy in love with her husband”

Елизавета Боярская: «Я до сих пор безумна влюблена в своего мужа»
The actress spoke about her family life.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev in the series “Anna Karenina”

Photo: Mila Semina

Elizaveta Boyarskaya, who played passionate love — both in cinema and in theatre, confessed that in his life experienced the feelings of similar strength. But without the extremes.

“Extremes, I prefer to
the scene in the movie. And so — I’m still madly in love with her husband (the actor Maxim Matveev. — Approx. ed.), — says the actress. — Our meeting was a bright
flash. Me as lightning pierced from head to toe! It happens in life:
see a man for the first time, but I feel something unusual, not the same
as when meeting with others… I then, in my opinion, didn’t even
say my name… it Was a complete coincidence of energy, feels native
the soul, feeling that it is not the last meeting… And when we are back
met on the set, to hide the fact that we like each other,
it was very difficult. A mutual attraction with nothing to confuse, he
it is impossible to resist… We are kindred spirits. And the farther, the more I
make sure”.

Elizabeth said, what’s it like working with her husband in the same project.

“When we in the evening he returned from filming “Anna Karenina”, definitely some time devoted to my son. But when he put the boy to bed, arranged the kitchen the General staff: we were setting out their scripts, the novel, role-playing notebook. Sat and conjured “let us Go back to the page 185! Remember, the third line says that she looked at him? Maybe it’s due to the fact that…” Sitting above the text like two a madman, until you’re blue”.

During the filming of “Anna Karenina” in a couple’s life, a historic event happened.

“In the last few days we took shooting once when we were shooting the ball. That day even my mom came from St. Petersburg. Because our life is precisely a historical event — the shooting at the legendary first pavilion of “Mosfilm”, the chic Bal with extras in three hundred people, and you slide across the floor in a waltz, playing Anna Karenina, and your husband is Vronsky. Tale!”

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