Anna Khilkevich boasted a rounded belly

Анна Хилькевич похвасталась округлившимся животом
The actress stopped to hide the pregnancy for a longer period.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: @annakhilkevich Instagram of Anna Khilkevich

Anna Lee made a surprising confession. The star of the series “Univer. New Dorm” reported that soon will become a mother for the second time. In the microblog actress appeared photo in which she showed the grown belly. “Long wanted to talk, but… I gained… and certainly not in the cheeks!” she confessed.

Fans to the revelation of Anna reacted with disbelief, because even just recently, she shared fresh photos, which showed a perfectly flat stomach. It is not excluded that, having thus played subscribers. Most likely, the portrait was made at a time when she was pregnant with firstborn.

In December 2015 Anna and Artur Volkov, the husband of actress became parents for the first time. The couple had a daughter, who was named Arianna. Lee has long concealed the girl’s face, but then it was decided to introduce the baby to the General public. Maternity leave Anna was very short. Caring for Arianna to help her family and nanny. “In the end we realized that we need to take a nanny with accommodation. Not immediately found it. We had quite a tough selection, I applied to the Agency. To find a good nanny — that’s a problem! — has shared Anna. — I wanted to have the nannies were their children, but adults and not in Moscow, so she rushed home. And that she possessed the methods of early development… And then I got lucky, and found Tatiana. She has three daughters and many grandchildren. She helps us a lot!”