Elizaveta Boyarskaya has shared photos from the celebration of the anniversary of the son

Елизавета Боярская поделилась фото с празднования юбилея сына
The actress reunited with her husband at a children’s party.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev with friends: Yulia Peresild, Marina Alexandrova, Yana Sekste, Darya Moroz

Photo: @lizavetabo Instagram Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev have a very busy life. Spouses live in two cities: Moscow and Saint Petersburg and are touring quite a lot around the world. Acting couple could be reunited only while on vacation. But on the eve of Elizabeth and Maxim made an exception to the rule and, putting aside all the urgent things aside, celebrated the birthday of their son — Andrew.

Celebrity couple marked the first anniversary of the birthday in the capital’s restaurant. On the feast were invited only the closest people: friends and parents. Among the guests at a children’s party were: Daria Moroz, Marina Alexandrova, Svetlana Ivanova, Yulia Peresild and Jan Sexta. Of course, the celebration was also attended by beloved grandfather of Andrew, Mikhail Boyarsky, who develop a very touching relationship with his grandson. In connection with the recent move to Moscow, the famous D’artagnan has become a major partner in the education of the son of Elizabeth and Maxim.

The boyar was pleased with how the day was celebrated the birth of his son. In social networks, the actress thanked the guests had a great evening. “What a great company! Here it is friends! Children’s party on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of our Maxim treasures! Children and parents too, I must say, do not miss! Thank you for coming, dear!” — wrote Elizabeth.

By the way, the photo of the celebrant did not appear in microblogs star parents. Elizabeth and max to very carefully protect his son from media attention. The decision of the Boyar not to show Andrew related to her childhood memories. She still remembers that she was not very comfortable to be at social events in the rays of the father’s glory.