Ekaterina Volkova with her husband met a wedding anniversary apart

Екатерина Волкова с мужем встретили годовщину свадьбы врозь
Star “Voronin” is suffering from a breakup with a loved one.

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband and daughter

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

Exactly seven years ago in the life of Catherine Volkova and Andrey Karpov serious changes have taken place: star of the TV series “Voronin” and her sweetheart tied the knot. That’s just to celebrate a wedding anniversary today the couple will not work, as they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Recently Catherine, the troupe of native theatre went on tour to Kamchatka. Separation from family is given Volkova hard. The social network actress issued congratulations to the beloved and admitted that he terribly misses his daughter and her husband.

“And we have a holiday today! Our family for 7 years. On the one hand 7 and on the other, only 7. As I said today, Andrei: “Well, in 7 years we didn’t kill each other, that’s good, but…… we still have everything ahead! — joked Catherine. — So I would like to hug their loved ones. If you have the chance, do not be greedy, please. After all, so it’s important to have the ability to tell the truth!”

Seven years of happy marriage Volkova and her husband was born a beautiful daughter — Elizabeth. Spouses do not hide that dream of getting, but first I want to solve the housing problem. The last couple of years, the actress with the husband busy building the “family nest”. In-built country house, now in full swing repair and soon Volkov for global crossing.