Elizabeth II will abdicate the throne because of the scandal with the illegitimate son of Charles

Елизавета II отречется от престола из-за скандала с внебрачным сыном Чарльза

It seems that the event that is announced by many world media for a long time, will soon can really happen. In the corridors of Buckingham Palace rumor has it that the reigning Queen of the United Kingdom this year will indeed abdicate the throne in favour of his eldest grandson Prince William.

The choice on William due to the fact that their native son Elizabeth II sees a firm hand and a true ruler, is also not in favor of Charles playing his recent scandal with the framed illegitimate long lost son.

It is reported that Her Majesty is furious because of the emerging scandal. For those who don’t remember what it is, we remind, in March of this year, 50-year-old entrepreneur from Australia Simon Dorante-day stated that he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. According to the man, when he was born, the current wife only twisted novel (about any wedding, of course, was out of the question) and randomly had a baby boy, who quietly, without telling anyone, gave it up for adoption. Now Simon monarchs requires a DNA test to finally convince all of the correctness.

“She’s tired from unpleasant situations that are associated with the cowardice of her son and his ever-dissatisfied wife. The scandal, which occurred on the eve of the anniversary, finally brought her out of herself”, — said the insider.

According to a source, Elizabeth not only allowed Charles to take the throne, but would forever separate him from his wife on the crown.

How it will actually learn soon.

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