Rose Sabitova showed photos from 20 years ago

Роза Сябитова показала фото 20-летней давности

Rose Sabitova became famous throughout the country and far beyond its borders as the matchmaker is able to find a pair of even the most desperate customers. The success of the presenter of the show “let’s get married” is evident not only in her professional qualities but also personal.

Rose recently undertook a complete upgrade of their face and body. The star TV is quite good at it. This she demonstrated by posting a picture of yourself from 20 years ago.

Picture, along with children rose posted on the web on the day of the birth of her daughter, who recently turned 24 years old.

Роза Сябитова показала фото 20-летней давности

“My beloved daughter, birthday today! How quickly have you grown, my little girl! I love you and proud of you. Be healthy and happy!” — congratulations to Ksenia mother.

Followers of Rose responded to her post is contradictory. Someone noticed that daughter look so much like your mother, someone wrote that in his youth Sabitova looked completely different.

“A very interesting photo that first! Completely different!”, “You don’t know(in his youth) are more and more beautiful”, “Funny to a younger You!!! Class!” — commented on a picture of her leading followers.

By the way, rose also noted that she is incredibly proud of himself, because despite all the difficulties, she managed independently to educate and raise two children: “Only now I understand that I could make for my family! Don’t want to be humble today. I’m proud of myself because I raised one of the children, gave them a good education, and brought up by decent people! And my children proud of me. This is the basis of any family!”.

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