Elizabeth II is losing money at the races

Елизавета II теряет деньги на скачках
91-year-old Queen is unable to give up their main passion.

Elizabeth II


About what the Queen loves horses
know everything. It is known that horses from her stables often become
the winners for the most prestigious horse race.
However, as it turned out, race horses not enrich its owner.

Recently published interesting data.
As estimated by experts, in my life Elizabeth, her horses won many
cash prizes amounting to almost 7 million pounds. How can
to seem, it is quite good. However, simple calculations prove that, in
finally, the Queen remains in the loss.

So, now in her stables
contains 24 race horse. And the content of each of them costs about
30 thousand pounds a year, all of the horses spend more than 700 thousand. Thus, for example, last year’s horses
Queen “earned” at the races prizes for a total amount of 557 thousand pounds. It
Queen have lost their Pets more than 20 thousand. Meanwhile, last
the year was absolutely a record income from winnings. But horses and
horse racing is the great passion of the Queen, and she’s not ready for anything from her
to refuse.

Elizabeth loves horses from childhood: the
the first pony she gave her grandfather king George V, when the future Queen was only 4 years old. And the first
horse racing horse belonging to Elizabeth, still won in 1949. The winner
called Monavie and he became a winner
on the run, in the County of West Sussex. Incidentally, Elizabeth is herself a good rider,
and she still engaged in horse riding. This spring 91-year-old
saw the Queen on horseback in Windsor Park.