Agniya Kuznetsova has discovered the secret of rejuvenation on salt water

Агния Кузнецова открыла секрет омоложения на соленой воде
The star of the show “Mosgaz” discovered the healing properties of salt.

Agniya Kuznetsova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Along with conventional methods of self-care is an actress and enjoys the special beauty recipes. Yes, we need a regular
sports (Agnes prefers the pool and fitness), nutrition
(cereals, seafood, herbs), massage and hydration of the skin. But, for example, she said, salon Spa she is skeptical: “I am for a natural treatments,
— says Agnes. — As-that, having gone to Iceland, and took in there the salt bath,
after the course of which the skin becomes tender, like a
a child of five!” The actress believes in the beneficial effects of natural salt water. In
childhood (and the star grew up in Siberia) she always traveled with family to a resort near Novosibirsk, the famous salt lakes and mud. And thanks
they have strengthened their health for life. And when he grew up, he loved to spend holidays on the coast.
But not in order to lie on the beach. Most of the time she spends it
in salt water. “Ocean
— that’s what renews and heals me of my wounds and insomnia…” — recently wrote the actress on his page
in the social network. And at home for good health she has another tool. “In the winter
I once a week I go to the Russian bath, bathing with a broom. The process can be different
body mask to do this, I personally prefer honey. And so nice after the sauna
take a dip in the pool with cool water!..”

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