Elizabeth II and her husband evicted from the Royal chambers at Buckingham Palace

Елизавету II и ее супруга выселят из королевских покоев в Букингемском дворце
90-year-old Queen have to go through a difficult time.

Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh


Surprisingly, but even a Queen has
sometimes dealing with the same everyday problems as regular people. In the spring
Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh will leave the Royal quarters. They
we’ll have to temporarily live in much less comfortable service
premises while we are going to repair at Buckingham Palace. About it reported the Internet-the edition
site of the Us

About the need for large-scale repairs in Buckingham
Palace in Britain say long. Reconstruction of the building built
in the 17th century, where all communications came to a state of complete unfitness was
finally, found not a luxury but a necessity after the experts came
in the conclusion that further delay will lead to irreparable damages for the
the building and stored in it works
art, antique furniture and other valuable artifacts.

Repairs will begin in the spring of 2016, then 90-year-old Elizabeth
and her 95-year-old wife have to leave their chambers. Builders of hope
that can handle the repair in this part of the Palace relatively quickly. So venerable
age monarhine and her spouse have not too long huddled in the wrong
conditions. But all the repairs will take at least 10 years! Surprised
it is not necessary, it will need to carry out a tremendous amount of work on
the Palace grounds with an area of almost 30 thousand square meters.

Builders will have to replace about 160 kilometers(!) came
useless wiring nearly 50 kilometres of leaking water
pipes, 2.5 thousand battery, 1.5 thousand doors and 760
Windows, to convert 78 bathrooms. In total will be renovated
all 775 rooms of the Palace.