Anastasia Makeeva has caused a stir spicy the

Анастасия Макеева вызвала ажиотаж пикантным снимком
The actress was photographed in a sheer lace dress.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva definitely knows how to attract attention of their fans. Recently, the actress shared in his microblog candid shot. It the actress was pictured in a sheer lace dress, worn on the naked body. In the result, through the clothing of Anastasia clearly shone the most piquant part of the body of the star. Portrait makeevoy caused a stir among her fans, especially members of the male kind.

Candid shot was taken right after the performance with the participation of Anastasia — “Demon Onegin”, where she plays the role of Tatiana. Incidentally, in recent years makeevoy very busy schedule: she works in the two cities. Part of Anastasia’s performances are held in St. Petersburg, and the other part in Moscow. She also manages to work in several film and television projects, as well as work leading to the planned concerts. In a word, about the rest of Anastasia can only dream of.

We will remind that not so long ago, Makeeva got on set injury: she fell in a ditch in the street on the way to the dressing room and injured his leg. However, the possibility to postpone shooting the next day, the team working on the film was not, so the actress had to be taken off with a bandaged leg.