Елизавета II разрешила принцу Гарри нарушить традиции во время свадьбы The Queen is very happy that her grandson is getting married. According to some reports, Harry will be able to plan the wedding. Elizabeth II has personally allowed a beloved grandson to do a celebration that he wants.
Елизавета II разрешила принцу Гарри нарушить традиции во время свадьбы

Prince Harry marries fiancée Meghan Markle on may 19. A pair of carefully preparing for the celebration. The bride of the heir to the British Kingdom, lucky the grandmother of the groom Elizabeth II has welcomed the fact that the actress will become a member of their family. Megan said that the family of the Prince took it very warm.

“I saw her eyes Harry – not only with honor and dignity, as to commemorate the monarchs, but as grandmother whom he loved very much. All these layers were very important to me… After meeting her I became a fan of the dog breed Corgi,” said Markle.

Kate Nicholl, author of “Harry: the life, loss and love”, said the actress was immediately attracted to the British monarch.

“Most of all in my book, I wanted to tell is about the attitude of the Queen to the bride of Prince Harry. Not everyone expected to see as the future wife of the heir to the throne divorced American woman, which was filmed in explicit scenes in the movie. Of course, the Queen is a representative of another generation, and many might think that it will be extremely concerned about this. But sources with whom I spoke, said she had a feeling that Megan will play a positive role in the life of Prince Harry, that she will make him very happy and will always support him”, – said the writer.
Елизавета II разрешила принцу Гарри нарушить традиции во время свадьбы

According to Nicole, Queen Elizabeth II will play a “very significant and important role” in the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yet it is reported that Harry and Megan are expecting in the territory of Windsor castle 2640 people. That’s the number of invitations sent couple. Among the guests of the celebration claimed 1200 Britons from different walks of life, 200 people from charities and organizations, 100 students of two schools located next to the castle, 610 of parishioners and 530 employees of the Palace services.

Elizabeth II allowed Harry to depart a little from tradition. “Her youngest grandson has always had a special connection. She loved the fact that he calmed down and finally get married. She told the pair: “It’s your wedding, your day. Plan it as you wish,” said Kate in the book.

By the way, parents of Meghan Markle also approve of her lover. “We couldn’t be happier for Megan and Harry,” said the official statement of the father and mother of the stars “Force majeure”.