Юлия Пересильд сильно отравилась The actress was unable to go on stage, it pressure sharply fell. Peresild informed fans that he was poisoned. Doctors put the artist on a drip, but the procedure is not helped by Julia.

Yulia Peresild posted on Instagram a message for the fans. The artist apologized, she never got to go on stage and play in the play. As admitted star, she’s got food poisoning. Now Julia can’t even get out of bed.

“Forgive me, dear audience, that yesterday had to cancel 2nd show of the “Solar line”. I am very sad from this. But yesterday, I could not get up, his blood pressure dropped, everyone was sick, I was poisoned. The first show somehow, even with the shot played and the second just failed to get up. Already in the end of the first lead. I’m sorry, you know how frustrating it is, come prepared and well, Hey… Thanks to many of you who donated flowers, while lying on a drip in the theater. This, of course, to tears. These are chamomile Marina Aleksandrova gave. Well, that and the old woman is proruha. Happen…” – shared the actress.

Fans Peresild supported favorite actress. “Yulia, get well”, “Be careful, attentive, get better. The times now are. Vigilant we must be,” “get Well!”, “Julia, speedy recovery!”, “The rays of goodness to you too!” “Yulia, get well, not get sick, take care of yourself and your loved ones,” wrote the fans of the actress.

Julius had risked his health for the sake of the profession. The Director Alexey Uchitel recalled working on the film “the Edge” with a young actress. He said that the shooting was life-threatening Peresild. The actress starred in the severe stages of being pregnant. For example, she was running around with the OSD a baby “under fire” – then as she was in an interesting position for six months.

“We rented a run – Julia child in her arms runs through the smoke and exploding shells. Complex scene. But few people knew that this, in my opinion, it was the sixth month of pregnancy. And that was just dangerous. In one of the takes she fell…” – told the Teacher. Alexei Uchitel endangered pregnant Peresild