Elizabeth Hurley shamed in the network

Элизабет Херли пристыдили в сети

Elizabeth Hurley is not ashamed of her figure, after all, knows what forms she’s doing great. Online you can find candid photos of the British actress in open dresses and bathing suit. Like anything criminal, but the recent recognition of Hurley caused a storm of emotions among fans.

Элизабет Херли пристыдили в сети

Turns out some candid photos from vacation makes her 16-year-old son Damian. Users ganged up against the actress, but such behavior is not normal. Though Elizabeth doesn’t think so, and hastened to respond. It is only developing a natural talent my son to do beautiful shots.

But indignation does not cease to subside, and the star re-posted the photo, which sparked angry comments. In the photo on instagram Damian and Joan Collins, together with Hurley on the set of the TV series “the royals”. The picture shows the star in a too revealing maid costume. It just was not liked by the subscribers Elizabeth.

Элизабет Херли пристыдили в сети
But not only 16-year-old son of the actress is in the news, and her nephew. Unidentified attackers attacked the 21-year-old miles Hurley on the streets of London. The guy was hospitalized with two stab wounds in the back. It is reported that, along with miles injured another man.

The identity of the attackers is still unknown. The attackers got out of the car and attacked the two men. The attack occurred near Battersea Park in South-West of the British capital.

52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley on his Twitter page commented on the incident in its Twitter account. The star thanked the doctors who treat knife wounds boys and guards and followers online.

“My 21 year old nephew was brutally attacked in London on Thursday evening. The police and medical services were on par. Thanks for all your messages. This is a terrible time for him (miles – approx.ed.) and our whole family. Police are looking for witnesses,” wrote a British actress.

It is known that miles engaged in modeling business. He collaborates with a modeling Agency and is making some progress: a young man was seen on the covers and pages of glossy, starred in advertising campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and other brands.

Recall that Elizabeth Hurley has become a real mother-heroine. One brave woman saved her son by killing a snake preparing to strike even a tiny Damian. Hollywood actress remembers it with horror, despite the fact that it had been for many years.

“Once we were in Spain, and a snake into the nursery. I noticed her when she was ready to rush to my sleeping son, lying in bed. I grabbed an axe and chopped her head off. Remember: never stand between a mother bear and her cub,” said Elizabeth in a recent interview.
Recall that the father of Damien who got lucky already to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, is a former lover of the actress billionaire Steve Bing.
The story with the snake, which has become a family legend remembers Damien. On mother’s Day he spoke about this on his page in the social network and expressed gratitude to the man who not only gave him his life but saved her.